Terms of service

CREATOROO Terms of Service

  • Article 1 Purpose

    These terms and conditions apply to the use of all services provided by CREATOROO (http://www.creatoroo.com, hereinafter 'CREATOROO'), an advertisement matching open platform that connects advertisers and creators operated by ENT Factory (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company'). The purpose is to stipulate the rights, duties and responsibilities of the company and its members in relation to
  • Article 2 Definition of Terms

    The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.
    1) Service: All services provided by the company so that CREATOROO users can use it through various digital devices or programs such as PC, multimedia mobile, etc.
    2) Users: All members and non-members who use the CREATOROO service
    3) Member: A person who uses all services provided by the company after going through the membership registration process in accordance with these terms and conditions on the website
    - Advertiser: A person who requests an advertisement campaign for brand promotion among members
    - Creators: Among members, receive the creator application process in CREATOROO and receive prize money and advertising revenue generated through video services (inquiry, voting, sharing, comment, upload, source download, execution, installation, notification talk, points, advertising campaign participation, etc.) A person who receives a certain percentage of profits from the company
    - Users: Those who use video services (inquiry, voting, sharing, comment, source download, execution, installation, notification talk, points, etc.) without going through the creator registration process in CREATOROO among members
    4) Advertising campaign: Video campaign posted on the CREATOROO website
    5) Campaign Participation: Member’s act of registering a video in a campaign to promote a specific brand
    6) Campaign screening: The selection process of the client based on the work of the participant
    7) Winner: All winning works for which prize money has been received
    8) Prize money and advertising revenue: The consideration paid by the advertiser who requested the advertisement
    9) My Page (Advertising Center): Management page provided by the company for advertisers and creators to apply for, execute, manage, and cancel services
    10) Points: Services that can be paid to users and converted into cash (may be extinguished within a certain period of time, extinguished upon withdrawal)
    11) Income: Amount paid to creators according to the revenue distribution standards set by the company separately among prize money and advertising revenue
    12) Operation fee: Amount deducted separately by the company from the payment (creating service operation fee)
  • Article 3 Posting and Revision of Terms and Conditions

    ① The company posts the contents of these terms and conditions through the service initial screen or connection screen so that users can easily understand.
    ② If necessary, the company may revise the terms and conditions within the scope that does not violate the relevant laws.
    ③ When the company revises the terms and conditions, the contents of the amendment and the date of application shall be specified and notified by the service at least 7 days prior to the date of application. However, if the amendment is unfavorable to the member, it will be notified 30 days before the effective date.
    ④ If the member does not explicitly express his/her intention of refusal even though the company has notified by the method in accordance with Article 17, the member shall be deemed to have agreed to these revised terms and conditions.
    ⑤ If a member does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, he/she may express his/her intention to refuse to the “company” and terminate the contract of use until the day before the effective date.
  • Article 4 Operation Policy

    ① The company may operate a separate operating policy to maintain fair service and protect members, and members must check and comply with the operating policy set by the company.
    ② Matters or interpretations not stipulated in the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the operation policy, user guide, and related laws.
  • Article 5 Establishment of the contract of use

    ① The contract of use is established by the user's agreement to the terms and conditions and the company's approval of the user's application for use.
    ② The company may reject approval if any of the following among users who have applied as in Paragraph 1 apply, and may cancel the approval if the reasons for each of the following subparagraphs are confirmed even after registration.
    A. In case the user has previously lost his/her advertiser or membership status under these terms and conditions.
    B. If it is not your real name or you use someone else's name (eg resident registration number, business number, etc.).
    C. If false information is entered or the company does not provide information.
    D. If approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the customer or if the application is made in violation of other regulations.
    E. Other cases deemed necessary by the company.
    ③ Agreeing to the contract of use is expressed by selecting “I agree” in the company’s terms of use at the time of application for use.
  • Article 6 Management of member accounts

    ① Members are responsible for managing their ID and password, and they must not be used by a third party.
    ② If the member recognizes that the ID and password have been stolen or used by a third party, he/she must immediately notify the company and follow the company's instructions.
    ③ If the information entered at the time of membership application is changed, the member must make the change in the information modification or notify the company of the change through the company's customer center.
    ④ In the case of paragraphs 2 and 3, the company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by the member not notifying the company or not following the company's instructions even if it is notified.
    ⑤ After withdrawal from membership, the ID is permanently suspended, so re-registration with the ID is not possible.
    ⑥ Members can view and modify their information at any time by changing member information.
  • Article 7 Protection of personal information

    The company strives to protect members' personal information in accordance with the relevant laws, such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. For the protection and use of personal information, the relevant laws and the company's privacy policy apply. However, the company's privacy policy does not apply to linked sites other than the company's official site.
  • Article 8 Establishment of the advertiser use contract

    ① The service use contract is established when the advertiser applies for advertisement posting and the company approves it.
    ② The service fee must be paid in advance before the advertisement campaign is posted.
    ③ Advertisers must apply for service through the form and procedure required by the company. The company has the right to decide whether or not to approve the advertiser's application, and may request to change the content requested by the advertiser according to the relevant laws and company standards.
    ④ If the advertiser does not accept the change request of the company or if the company does not approve the provision of the service without any cause attributable to the advertiser, the advertiser may request a withdrawal or refund of the service fee paid.
    ⑤ Advertisers must undergo a re-examination when they change advertisement content according to the advertiser's intention even in the middle of using the service after obtaining the company's approval, and if the content is different from the initially approved content, the advertiser is responsible for any disadvantages caused by the re-examination.
    ⑥ The company's approval of the advertisement publication application in accordance with this Article does not guarantee the legality of the service contents or whether the company's operating principles and usage guidelines are satisfied. can.
  • Article 9 Obligations of the company

    ① The company complies with related laws and terms and conditions, and makes every effort to provide continuous and stable service.
    ② If the company deems that the opinions or complaints raised by members are justified, they will be dealt with promptly. However, if prompt processing is difficult, the member is notified of the reason and processing schedule.
    ③ The company pays the prize money and income to the members according to the profit distribution standard set separately by the company.
    ④ The company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement, breakdown, failure, communication interruption, or reasonable operational reasons of information and communication facilities such as computers, We will not be held responsible for this unless there is intentional or gross negligence.
    ⑤ In the case of the preceding paragraph, the company notifies the member in the manner in accordance with Article 17. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the company cannot notify in advance, it can be notified afterwards.
  • Article 10 Member's Obligations

    ① Members must comply with related laws, regulations of these terms and conditions, notices for use and service-related notices, notices from the company, etc., and must not engage in any other acts that interfere with the business of the company.
    ② Members must not engage in the following acts.
    A. Entering false or other people's information when applying for membership or changing "member" information
    B. Acts that infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the company or third parties
    C. Acts that damage the reputation of the company or a third party or interfere with business
    D. Posting articles or sending e-mails under the guise of or impersonating the company or a third party
    E. Changing the information posted on the service of the company or using the information obtained by using the service for commercial or non-profit purposes without prior consent of the company for copying, publishing, broadcasting, etc. or providing it to a third party
    F. Posting or promoting advertisements using various illegal methods, whether manually or automatically, to damage advertisers or to benefit themselves or third parties
    G. Any act of posting or promoting advertisements in an illegal or inappropriate way for the purpose of generating income
    H Selling, transferring, renaming, reselling, or using the account for the purpose of pledge
    I. Sharing, providing, transferring, brokering, or reselling the right to use the service to others
    J. An act of intentionally inflicting losses to advertisers and the company by pursuing illegal profits other than the method contracted by the member
    K. Deleting or withdrawing the winning work by a member who has won a prize by participating in an advertisement campaign without prior consent from the company
    L. Any act that violates the operation policy of other services
  • Article 11 Management and operation of postings

    For efficient service operation, the company may delete, move, or refuse to register the postings or materials falling under each of the following subparagraphs without prior notice.
    ① When postings that violate these Terms of Service or are judged to be commercial, illegal, obscene, or vulgar
    ② In the case of content that severely insults other members or third parties or damages the reputation
    ③ In the case of disseminating or linking content that violates public order and morals
    ④ In case of content that promotes illegal copying or hacking
    ⑤ In case of advertisement for profit
    ⑥ If the content is objectively recognized as being related to a crime
    ⑦ In case of contents that infringe other rights such as copyrights of other users or third parties
    ⑧ In case it is in violation of the posting principles stipulated by the company or does not conform to the nature of the bulletin board
    ⑨ In the case of postings or materials that are presumed to be related to acts that infringe on the legal interests of others, when there is a request for deletion of interested parties, or the company provides reasons for prosecution
    ⑩ If the service contains viruses that may harm the service
    ⑪ When there is a request, such as deletion of a state agency, etc. in accordance with laws related to telecommunication and criminal laws
    ⑫ In case it is judged to be in violation of other related laws
  • Article 12 Restriction of use, etc.

    If a member violates related laws, terms and conditions or operating policies or interferes with the normal operation of other services, the company may take measures such as restricting the use of the service or ex officio termination of the contract.
  • Article 13 Age restrictions and permission to use the service

    In order to use this service, if you are a service restriction actor due to domestic and international age restrictions, you must obtain permission from a separate parent or legal representative. We encourage them to read these Terms with you.
    If you are the parent or legal representative of a user under the age of 14, by allowing a minor to use the Service, you are subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and are responsible for the minor's activities in the Service. It's possible.
  • Article 14 Termination of contract, etc.

    ① Members can request the company to cancel the contract at any time or directly through the customer center, and the company must deal with it immediately as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations. However, if there are unpaid advertising expenses, refunds, remaining points, or unsettled income when a member applies for cancellation, the contract is terminated after the settlement procedure is completed in accordance with the operation policy set by the company separately.
    ② Even if the member terminates the contract through prior consent, the company is not obligated to retrieve the video or delete the copy only for the campaign winning works.
    ③ In accordance with the terms and conditions, members whose contract has been terminated ex officio or members who have been canceled during usage restrictions may be restricted from re-joining.
  • Article 15 Compensation for damages

    ① The company compensates for the damage within the scope governed by related laws such as the Civil Act if the member uses the service intentionally or due to the company's negligence.
    ② If a member violates these terms and conditions or violates related laws and regulations, the member shall compensate the company for the damage.
    ③ In the event that a third party takes civil or criminal legal action against the company in violation of these terms and conditions or in violation of related laws, the member shall indemnify the company at his own expense and responsibility, and compensate for any damage caused by this.
  • Article 16 Limitation of Liability

    ① The company is exempted from liability for service provision if it is unable to provide the service due to a natural disaster or force majeure equivalent thereto.
    ② The company is not responsible for any obstacles to service use due to reasons attributable to the advertiser.
    ③ The company is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information, data, facts posted on the website and the application data provided by the advertiser in relation to the service.
  • Article 17 Notice to Members

    ① When the company notifies a member, unless otherwise provided in the terms and conditions, it can be done using the e-mail address or (mobile) phone number provided by the member.
    ② If the company notifies all members, it may replace the notice in the preceding paragraph by posting it on the bulletin board within the service for more than 7 days. However, for matters that have a significant impact on the use of the service, the method in accordance with the preceding paragraph is notified.
    ③ If the company sends it normally according to the method of paragraph 1 or posts it according to the method of paragraph 2, the notice is deemed to have arrived, and the e-mail address and (mobile) phone number provided to the company are different from the facts, or the member The company is not responsible for any problems caused by not checking the notice.
  • Article 18 Rights and intellectual property rights for posts

    The copyright and intellectual property rights for the services provided by the company to the members belong to the company. However, all rights to contents created by members in the course of using the service belong to each member unless otherwise indicated.

    The copyright for the member's content grants the right to use the content to the company or a person designated by the company as stipulated in these terms and conditions. The method for the company to use the member's content is the same as in each item.
    ① “Member” is responsible for the legal response and results in case of various disputes with a third party such as copyright and moral rights in relation to the contents of “member” provided to “service”, and “company” expressly disclaims any liability related to
    ② The "Company" does not allow copyright infringement or infringement of intellectual property rights through the "Service", and if the "content" of the "member" is properly notified or recognized that the intellectual property rights of others are infringed, the Copyright Act and other related matters You may suspend or remove all services of the “content” in accordance with the procedure stipulated by laws and regulations. In addition, the "Company" reserves the right to delete, move, or refuse registration without prior notice if it determines that the "content" of the "member" has a problem in the operation of the "service".
    ③ The copyright of the posts posted by the "member" is owned by the "member", and the "company" has the joint copyright and the right of sales agency for domestic and foreign sales and publicity for joint profit. Also, if the prize money is paid in the case of the winner, it is considered that the joint use right is granted to the "company" or the "advertiser" who held the campaign (competition) unless there is a separate contract.
    ④ The act of providing content and data by means of posting content or data transmission by the user is considered to grant the "Company" the complete Right of Communication to the Public.
    ⑤ Among the videos submitted and produced to advertisers and other event campaigns (competitions), the “company” may provide commercial or non-commercial services to advertisers.
  • Article 19 SNS data collection, storage and use

    The company may collect, store, and use the member's SNS data (referring to TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube data. The same applies hereinafter) with the member's consent for the purposes of each subparagraph below.
    ① Selection of influencer and content registration for campaign
    ② Creation of member introduction profiles and campaign reports provided to clients.
    ③ Creating a SNS statistical report provided to members
    If a member completes the SNS connection within the service, it is considered that he/she has consented to the collection, storage, and use of SNS data in accordance with this Article.
    The scope of data collected by the company pursuant to this article is limited to public data provided by each SNS.
    The SNS data collected by the company and its collection method are as follows.
    ① Member's YouTube channel information using the YouTube API, statistical data on it, and statistical data on individual videos
    ② Member's Instagram account feed using the Facebook API, statistical data about it, and other data related to the account
    ③ Feed of TikTok account of member using TikTok API, data related to the account
  • Article 20 Provision of SNS data to third parties

    The company may provide the member's SNS data to the client (customer company) according to the purpose of Article 19.
    When a member signs up, the company separately notifies and obtains consent that SNS data may be provided to a third party as above.
  • Article 21 SNS Agreement and Policy Agreement

    When a member completes the YouTube service connection within the service, it is deemed to have agreed to the external SNS terms and policies in each subparagraph below.
    YouTube Terms of Service
    YouTube API Terms of Service
    Google Privacy Policy
    The company complies with the platform policies in each subparagraph provided by the YouTube and Facebook platforms.
    YouTube Developer Policy
    Facebook Platform Policy
    Members are aware that Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other similar third-party SNS services may update their terms of service and privacy policy from time to time, and the company is not responsible for the terms and privacy policy of third-party SNS services. not burdened.
    The company does not bear any responsibility for any disadvantages caused by the member not reviewing the update in accordance with paragraph 3.
  • Article 21 SNS Connection Termination and SNS Data Deletion

    1. If the member no longer wants the company to collect his or her SNS data or wants to delete the previously collected SNS data, the member can terminate the SNS connection and stop the collection and use of SNS data through the methods in each subparagraph below. .
    My Information -> Disconnect
    2. In the case of YouTube, the member cancels directly through the Google security settings page.
    3. In the case of Instagram, the member can cancel directly through the Facebook settings page.
    As soon as the member terminates the SNS connection according to the procedure in Paragraph 1, the company proceeds with the procedure of deleting all SNS data of the member, except for some exceptions. However, this is not the case for personal information collected through procedures other than Article 18.
    However, if there is a campaign currently in progress at the time of application for cancellation pursuant to Paragraph 2, the SNS connection cannot be terminated. If a member directly terminates the SNS connection while an ongoing campaign exists, the use of the service may be disadvantaged based on Article 18.
  • Article 19 Prohibition of transfer and delegation of authority
    Members cannot transfer, delegate, or provide for the purpose of collateral to a third party all or part of the rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions without the consent of the company.
  • Article 20 Jurisdiction and Governing Law
    ① For disputes between the company and members, the laws of the Republic of Korea shall be the governing law.
    ② Litigation related to disputes between the company and members shall be brought to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.
  • addendum
    These terms and conditions are effective from November 01, 2020.